Thursday, January 29, 2009

Recycled Bath Mat

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Michelle Kaufmann

Salvage older towels and t-shirts by turning them into a lush, cozy bathmat.

Tie each strip of towel onto the gridded mat.

By Michelle Kaufmann

Millions of tons of textile waste end up in landfills every year despite all the great ways there are to recycle it. The best way to get rid of your old clothing, linens, and rugs is to find a local charitable organization and donate them. But for those ancient towels that have seen a few too many days at the beach or now look more like cheesecloth, charitable donation may not be an option.

Instead, give those old towels a second life by turning them into a super soft, oh-so-cozy bath rug. All you need besides the towels (old t-shirts will also work but with less luxurious results) is a gridded matting that you can find at any craft store.

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To make your own:
1. First, make sure your towel or towels are all well washed.

2. Decide how big you want your bath rug to be and then cut your gridded matting to those dimensions.

3. Turn your scissors on your towels and begin cutting them into 5 or 6 inch long pieces about 3/4 of an inch thick.

4. Now it’s just a matter of knotting each strip along the grid, making sure they all face the same way. For the best results we recommend knotting along every line, but if you don’t mind a thinner mat – or just don’t have the patience – then every other line is fine, too.

You can work on this project while you’re watching TV or sitting around with your family after dinner – whenever your hands are free. It may take you a while but it will be worth it once you’re finished.

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